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Ancient history and usage of body piercing


In recent days, youngsters prefer lot of modernizations to gain the concentration of others. One of the similar modernized activity that takes place among youngsters is body piercing. Body piercing and applying tattoo on their bodies have been more common nowadays among people of almost all ages starting from children to youngsters. This type of penetrating includes different types like ear piercing, tongue piercing, navel piercing and lip piercings. 


When discussing about the olden days of body piercing, thousands of years ago ancient tribe people used to traditionally wear those pierced jewels on their bodies. It has been recorded in the holy bible. As per the latest sources, the Egyptian royal people used to do piercing and enhance it with gold jewels in order to show their royal status. They used to prohibit other slaves to wear those piercing ornaments in order to differentiate them from others. Thus Egyptian rulers used the piercing look to show their pride and royalty. As days passes, piercing lost its originality and even some nations banned using the piercing. But now the popularity have regained again as the latest trend among young people. This shows rapid growth in generation. People will gain interest in things in which they have avoided earlier. This is said to be the people’s nature and mentality.

Right now the usage of piercings has been changed, even though it was continued from olden periods the actual meaning was entirely different from the current trend. In olden days, they used the piercings for their pride and royalty but now youngsters are using it to display their characteristics to others. Young people using it for various reason including beauty purposes, relationship purposes and traditional purposes. Nowadays it is easier for people to get their body pierced since varieties of body piercing shops are available everywhere. Each has their unique standards.If you need to know more about piercing shops, do visit the website at  

There are different types of piercings available. Naval piercing is most common among women in which they are interested to show their beauty. They used to have it when they wear tops which show their navel. Ear piercing is one of the acceptable activities in the society which is most common among every people. Eyebrow piercing is an activity which takes place among celebrities. Lip piercings is also one of the trendiest activities which take place among youngsters. There are different types of lip piercings available which includes labret, vertical labret, lowbret. Hope the above said facts will help you to know about the history and usage of body piercings. If you are interested to know more guidelines about body piercing and Tattoos kindly visit the website at