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How ancient people make use of body piercings?

Many of you would have heard about body piercing and tattoos. These practices are considered as the latest trend that runs to visualize modernization. It is practiced by people of all ages starting from school children to modern youngsters. Body piercing is the process of creating an opening in the body by cutting the desired part through which golden jewel is tied up. Tattoo making is a permanent mark made on the body by an ink or paint. These tattoos may be symbols, emblems, designs, traditional logos, animals and so on which depends on individual’s interest.

The concept of using body piercings had been utilized since ancient period of civilization. It was used to symbolize the royalty and respect during ancient times. Only the Egyptian rulers and warriors are allowed to wear these piercings and tattoos to display the unique identity of status and to get differentiated from the other common people. Royal families of Egypt had the practice of piercing their ears and navels which was also considered as their tradition in olden days. Battle warriors of Rome had the practice of piercing their nipples to show their braveness and strong nature to the opponents.  

People from various regions have their own tradition of body piercings. African and American tribes used to make lip piercings by stretching the part through which wooden plate is inserted. Other regions like Egypt, India, south America had the practice of undergoing nose piercings which were considered as the most common and welcomed way of traditional practices. Tribe people had their own unique reasons and purposes to do those piercings whereas nowadays it has been practiced only for fashion and beauty purposes. Rome battle warriors used to make their male organ to get pierced for various security reasons. Likewise ancient practices of piercings had unique purposes to get pierced their body parts. You can make use of additional information about piercings and tattoo which is available at

Another ancient practice was applying tattoos which are similar to body piercing. Even that was originated from Egyptians even before the creation of pyramids. Tattoos are the permanent markings that appear on the outer layer of the skin. It was considered as the most attractive type of body modifications. Thus the usage of body piercings and applying tattoos had unique reasons for ancient people to undergo these practices. Hope the above said facts will be useful for you to know about the importance of those practices in ancient times. To know more about the piercing advantages and features kindly visit the website at